Digital Printing vs. Press Printing – A Comparison Guideline


When it comes time to print your brand identification components, there’s 1 overarching issue for you to take into account — whether to print the resulting components on a digital printer or classic press. There are lots of variations between the two procedures, some of which are outlined beneath.

Digital Printing

Fewer pricey — Digital printing is a immediate-to-paper printing system. As a consequence,
it typically operates about 1-50 % of the value of press printing.

Lose color accuracy — Digital printing is a four-color printing system. Four hues
— cyan, magenta, yellow, and black — are printed in very small dots that when visually
combined collectively, create numerous hues. This, in addition to the different set-ups and
settings on the equipment from press-to-press, batch-to-batch and printer-to-
printer, can make a huge selection of different color outcomes. You can in no way be particular
what you can get.

Lose color selection — Four-color printing has limitations on the brightness,
saturation, and selection of hues obtainable — when mixing hues in this way. To
make shiny reds, oranges, blues, and purples, specifically, press printing is a
better option.

Expense of proofing — Proofing is 1 way to make accurate color. Proofing can be
pricey, specifically when compared to the over-all value of the work. But, since the evidence
is designed on the exact machines that the remaining work is printed on, it is typically very

Can be a lot quicker — Considering the fact that no pre-press get the job done or press setup is required, operating your work
on a digital press can be a lot quicker, depending on how lots of positions the printer has in the
queue prior to yours. Some printers can even provide exact-day support. A few days is a
conventional turnaround time for lots of of the web-centered digital printing providers.

Confined paper option — Digital presses can only accommodate a minimal paper
thickness, and lots of digital printing providers only provide sleek, white papers.
Consequently, if a thick company card is vital to you, then digital printing is not your
suitable option.

Confined finishing possibilities — Foil stamping, metallic inks, and embossing companies are
commonly not supplied by digital printing houses. Some digital printers also do not provide
die-cutting or distinctive folding companies.

Confined option of product dimensions, variations, and formats — Digital printers will provide a
quite certain “menu” or selection of merchandise. If you want to create ground breaking
promoting components, this kind of as the brochure-type company playing cards that we create at elf
design, then digital printing is not a option for your task. Significant formats are also
not obtainable with lots of digital printers, as the largest paper dimensions they can
accommodate is eleven” x 17″.

Press Printing

Additional pricey — The change in fees is predominantly owing to setup fees. For press
printing, films must be manufactured, and plates might have to be manufactured as effectively,
which are added merchandise that incorporate to the over-all value. Extra time is concerned in
setting up and aligning the press, as effectively as washing the press. Also, there are more
overruns from classic printing, since you can’t program in a certain quantity of
pages to be printed as you can with a digital printer. Most printers take into account
overruns to be billable, or they incorporate an added value for that into the original
estimate. Careers completed on a press will typically operate about twice the value of digital

Exceptional color accuracy — The Pantone Matching Procedure (PMS) presents terrific color
accuracy. Pantone hues are combined to specific, pre-set specifications, which are
printed each individual yr in their color matching guides. You can consult with these publications to see
just what the remaining color will glimpse like in advance. It’s a great deal like going to the paint
shop and specifying hues for your house on the paint chips they provide — you know
what you can get. So, if color accuracy is vital to you, then press printing might be
the very best option.

Brighter hues are obtainable — Considering the fact that the Pantone hues are combined applying inks, they
can be designed to be much brighter and more powerful. So, if energetic hues are
vital to your brand graphic, then press printing might be the way to go.

Expense of proofing — For four-color press positions, proofing is typically not far too pricey
when compared to the over-all value of the work. Nevertheless, it can be inaccurate,
depending on the kind of evidence operate and the kind of press on which your remaining work
will be printed.

For two- or three- color positions printed applying the Pantone program, finish color
proofing is typically not obtainable. Nevertheless, samples of the hues are obtainable in the
Pantone publications. And, cheap laser prints or inkjet prints can be designed to check out
the positioning of the factors of the website page. With a tiny creativeness, you can
visualize how the remaining work will glimpse.

Press printing can acquire longer than digital — There are quite a few added actions
concerned in press printing, which are taken treatment of applying immediate-to-press, digital
engineering. Films and plates must be produced, the press set up, operate the work and then
tune us required for drying. Then cutting, folding, and other finishing must acquire

Forms of paper — Opt for from an entire rainbow of paper hues — hearth-engine purple
to deep blue, sunflower yellow to pitch black. There is also a huge selection of
thicknesses and textures from which to pick out, including specialty papers, this kind of as
vellum and metallic papers. If you are thinking about applying nontraditional paper your
card or components, press printing is the very best way to go.

Good line screens are obtainable — The consequence of this is that even below near
inspection, the color will glimpse sleek and seamless. It will also seem brighter and
more powerful.

Large selection of finishing approaches — All finishing alternatives are probable with press
printing. Metallic inks can be operate by way of the press as very easily as can a nonmetallic
ink. Embossing, die cutting, and foil stamping can be completed in classic printing
houses. You can create components that really stand out applying these approaches.

Modern formats, shapes, and dimensions are probable — Classic press printing can
accommodate a huge selection of paper dimensions and can consequence in ground breaking and resourceful
concluded assignments. This is largely owing to the “have-it-your-way” selection of alternatives,
where by you can specify distinctive dimensions and finishing approaches.

We hope that the earlier mentioned primer on the execs and disadvantages of the two digital printing and
press printing assists you to make your mind up which you will pick out to make your components.


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