Digital Signage – And the Challenges of Vandalism


Digital signage is a fast developing market. However, its success, rooted in its capacity to exhibit messages to substantial audiences and getting extra appealing and engaging to passers-by is also a single of the explanations why this new medium is producing some controversy.

Not absolutely everyone is a enthusiast of digital signage and it has even noticed some quite militant opposition to it. In the Paris Metro, strategies have been underway for a mass signage marketing campaign considering that 2009.

However, when the firm dependable for setting up the screens, put 4 examination gadgets in the Metro which ended up promptly vandalised – partly by anti-advertising and marketing campaigners who item to the signals on grounds of civil liberties.

Plans are nevertheless underway to position the digital screens in the Paris Metro, nonetheless, with the danger of regular vandalism, they may perhaps very well come across the undertaking will by no means get off the floor adequately or have a hope of reaching a return on investment decision – in particular if the shows are frequently acquiring vandalised.

Vandalism as a Common Dilemma

Vandalism is common problems for digital shows in general public parts, especially outside digital signage and screens still left unattended.

Vandalism causes a double whammy when it arrives to acquiring back again a return on your investment decision. Not only does it normally direct to getting to swap the signage exhibit, provoking added value, but also when the exhibit is out of fee it is not generating awareness.

Defending versus Vandalism

Vandalism defense is thus vital for quite a few digital advertising and marketing programs – in particular outside digital signage.

There are two parts that defense should really be centred close to:

• Defending the monitor
• Defending the exhibit product

Display defense calls for some sort of shatterproof monitor across the genuine Lcd or plasma monitor. This should really protect against the smashing of the monitor – probably the most susceptible spot of a modern day flatscreen product.

The entire Lcd Tv (or plasma) – if susceptible to harm by vandals – also wants defense. A steel Lcd enclosure or other digital signage enclosure should really be viewed as making sure the entire product (including media player) can be totally secured from vandalism.


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