Electronic Advertising – A Novel Technique


Electronic marketing and advertising is the approach of marketing and advertising goods as a result of electronic usually means of interaction like the web, cellular and as a result of any other interactive channels of interaction. This is mentioned to be an extension of transacting as a result of the web mainly because in electronic marketing and advertising, transactions can be produced as a result of SMS, screen, or MMS.

Capabilities of electronic marketing and advertising: In electronic marketing and advertising, there is no confront to confront interaction involving the consumer and seller. For instance, when a item is presented as a result of SMS, he may converse his acceptance as a result of a reply SMS. That completes the transaction of sale. This is the distinguishing characteristic of a electronic market place. Equally, the transactions may get put as a result of e mail and other non-immediate usually means.

Classification: The electronic market place is divided into two viz., ‘pull’ and ‘push’. The features of these varieties of marketing and advertising and their respective pros and down sides are briefly discussed below:

‘Pull’ form of electronic marketing and advertising: In this form, the function of the human being viewing the site is more crucial. Listed here the buyer has to pay a visit to the required site and then ‘pull out’ the required data instantly from the website. It is sufficient if the contents show up in the website. No exertion is produced to deliver the concept to the buyer mainly because the buyer pulls out the data from the website.

Pros of ‘pull form’: In this form, there is no restriction imposed on the contents possibly on the dimension of the contents or any graphics hooked up. There is no choose-in operation in this technique.

Shortcomings of ‘pull form’: Due to the fact the buyer has to pull out the information, he ought to have complete understanding of the item so that he can very easily pull out the data. This process lacks personalized notice of the seller. In some circumstances, there may be limitations on downloads, which may hinder the transfer of data to the consumer.

‘Push form of electronic marketing’: In ‘push’ form, there is exertion required from each the consumer and the seller. The seller pushes the data to the consumer, say in the form of SMS or e mail. The consumer responds to the SMS or e mail. So, there is interaction of each and this results in higher knowledge involving the two.

Pros of ‘push’ form: This form is more individualized mainly because the individuals interact with every single other. The individuals contacted could be a specific group say for instance, learners or academics or girls who are above 35 decades. At the same time, a record of the individuals who have viewed the concept can also be tabulated. This personalized strategy will be beneficial in trade.

Shortcomings of ‘push’ form: The technological innovation utilized for providing the concept may have some limitations and as a outcome, there could be some hindrance in providing the concept. This could also be induced mainly because of not subsequent messaging protocol. In this kind of circumstances, the quite objective of messaging is defeated.

Thus, it is proposed that a superior strategy is to merge each pull and force sample of marketing and advertising and this multi-interaction mode will have higher effects on the marketing and advertising skill.


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