Electronic Media and Interactive Interaction Rewards


The reward to the shopper is at the coronary heart of successful marketing on the World wide web, as it is in other places. Seemingly this is typically overlooked in the headlong rush to get some thing up on the World wide web. Ads operate which say ‘we have got a new website ‘ (beneficiary: marketing division) as a substitute of ‘this is what we can do for you’ (beneficiary: shopper). Then we hear that banner promoting is useless – when in reality it was the present that left the shopper cold.

Rates of response to promoting on the world wide web are slipping simply because people are getting utilised to viewing advertisements. When, in 1955, people observed promoting on Television set for the initial time, they almost certainly took a lot much more discover than they do now but advertisers have risen to the problem, having a lot smarter at grabbing people’s notice as they have fought to compensate for this.

We have to do the identical on the world wide web, and the very best practitioners are displaying the way. Easyjet’s February 1999 banner marketing campaign took for weeks to boost their world wide web organization by forty four%, to be a whole of a third of all sales.

The issue that faces most companies is not that there are not ample buyers for their products. And for buyers, obtaining the very best products can be problematic which is why people are inclined to be brand loyal. Economists refer to this imperfect communication between companies and buyers as ‘friction’.

Estimates place the charge of friction with the US economic system at as substantially as 16.nine% of whole GDP. If digital media can act to minimize this friction by earning merchandise much easier to fin, the economic impression could be sizeable.


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