The Fiesta Movement: A Situation Study in Social Media Marketing. Introducing the Ford Fiesta


The Fiesta Movement: How to generate a “Dialogue” among the “Mates”

Most folks adopt makes that their friends advise. To generate solid makes an business should have a discussion with their “friends” and “advise” a product. Social media will allow a marketer to produce a friendship with their shoppers and then have discussions in which makes are adopted. A classic situation research for this is the current social media marketing campaign that Ford adopted to introduce its Fiesta, a European automobile, into the American industry.

Ford essential to generate awareness for this product. Their concentrate on industry were the millennials (ages eighteen-49). Millenials have 70 million driving, seventy seven% have a social networking sight and 28% have a blog site. A contest was devised to choose a hundred folks that would be presented a Fiesta to generate for six months. The contest was the commencing of the “discussion”. Ford wished to appeal to a hundred folks who were very energetic on Social Media platforms. 4 thousand folks took section in the contest which intended that a ton of folks in the concentrate on industry were engaged, to begin with. Numerous of these folks when on their sights at Facebook and Twitter and talked about their practical experience. Numerous folks blogged about it. This created excellent initial awareness.

Ford did use a minor regulate so that the agents, as the winners of the contest, were known as. They were asked to full a “mission” month that would engage their concentrate on industry on social media. Brokers were picked for their fashion of life. These were folks who went places, achieved folks, who then engaged numerous much more friends as a result of posts, blogs, pictures, movies. These were folks who experienced “discussions” with their “friends”. Ford discreetly proposed that their agents would consider the automobile to selected occasions that would involve exposing the automobile to a excellent numerous folks in the Fiesta concentrate on team. The agents did what Ford wished them to do, they did what they would have done anyway. They posted and blogged about their activities with the automobile. Ford now experienced a solid existence in the social media for their automobile.

The agents created a solid model for the automobile. Persons really don’t believe in businesses, so believe in for a model is created as a result of social media by letting other folks to generate interactions (“friendships”) as a result of the automobile. Ford reached out to individuals who are listening and let them do the chatting for them, and to hook up to folks like on their own. These interactions created inside their concentrate on industry permitted Ford to industry on their own as “serious folks” just like their “friends”. Ford was ready to generate a model by developing a discussion with “friends”. Each and every “mission” was documented on YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.

The metrics of the marketing campaign demonstrate its achievements of the Fiesta marketing campaign:

• 11million Social Networking impressions
• five million engagements on social networks (folks sharing and obtaining)
• eleven,000 movies posted
• 15,000 tweets…not together with retweets.
• thirteen,000 pictures
• fifty,000 hand raisers who have seen the product in particular person, and have mentioned they want to understand much more about the product
• 97% of individuals folks really don’t currently generate a Ford
• 38% of awareness by Gen Y about the product, with out shelling out a greenback on supplemental promoting.
• In distinction, the Fusion isn’t going to have that awareness following 2 decades of becoming in the industry inspite of the Fusion obtaining hundred and hundreds of thousands of bucks in supplemental promoting.
• In the first yr there were 12,000 Fiesta’s marketed.


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